Michigan MMIS Nominated for StateScoop Award – VOTE TODAY!

March 27, 2018

Categories: Thought Leadership



Every year, the StateScoop 50 Awards honor the best and brightest technology leaders who make state and local government more efficient and effective. The StateScoop 50 State IT Innovation of the Year award recognizes “the innovative state or local IT approach to cross-agency or intra-agency technology that may have been unfathomable until recently.”

It then comes as no surprise that CNSI’s client, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, has been nominated for their first-in-the-nation, cloud-based Medicaid Management Information System (MMIS).

After a four-year project working with the State of Michigan, CNSI was proud to announce that it had successfully implemented a completely cloud-based MMIS, setting a new standard in health care delivery while improving the lives of state Medicaid beneficiaries and reducing cost for taxpayers.

In the United States, state MMIS – which are responsible for processing claims for over 70 million Medicaid beneficiaries a year across all 50 states – are complex and costly. The modular, cloud-based MMIS can share much of its infrastructure with other state MMIS systems, providing opportunities to share knowledge and resources across state lines and saving time, energy, and money. This innovative system allows states to meet the needs of its Medicaid beneficiaries better than ever before. Check out this video to learn more. 

CNSI is proud of the work its done with the state of Michigan to provide better health care at a lower cost and is honored to be nominated for the State IT Innovation of the Year award. We encourage everyone to submit their vote to help this solution win a #StateScoop50 award. Voting closes on April 10, so cast your ballot today!