Medicaid: The Stories Behind the Systems

November 10, 2017

Categories: Thought Leadership


In the world of Health IT, we tend to focus on technical terms like big data, modular and interoperability. However, behind each of our systems is a story. This week at the National Association of Medicaid Directors Conference, over 1,000 attendees got to hear those stories directly from Medicaid recipients. In a special session entitled, “Medicaid from the Members Perspective,” this innovative panel gave voice to six Medicaid recipients allowing them to illuminate the critical role the program plays in their lives, a perspective that can often get lost in a world of data and technology.

Take Anna Corbin for example, who applied for Medicaid as a secondary insurance. When faced with medical crisis, their regular insurance denied coverage for a rare and devastating blood disease affecting several members of their family.  Medicaid was there to fill the gaps and solve their financial problems. To the Corbin family, willing to sacrifice anything for their family, Medicaid was a lifeline and a means of security, removing the burden of coverage denials to ensuring longer, healthier and more productive lives. Through timely response, affordable care Medicaid helped this, and many other families, to sustain the burdens of tragedy. The entire panel can be viewed here.


These are just six of the stories behind the 74 plus million enrollees in the Medicaid and CHIP program. So, whether your work is in the technical programs, governing policy, or a health care practice, it is worth taking an hour to hear these inspiring tales that drive our work. CNSI’s goal at the end of the day is ensure these systems deliver at their best in order to provide better care, better health at lower costs. Thank you NAMD for this inspiring panel and reminding us why we do what we do.