IT Security Remains Top Priority

September 11, 2014

Categories: Thought Leadership


The Department of Health and Human Services recently revealed that was compromised when a hacker broke into the health insurance marketplace and uploaded malicious software to the site in July. While investigators found no evidence that personal data was breached, reports reveal that the site was only guarded by a default password, which is often easy to crack.

This type of Internet hack confirms the worries of some consumers who are concerned that their personal information is stored online. While high-tech solutions such as cloud computing and mobile access allow for advanced care and reduced costs, there is also heightened debate over how best to secure the confidential information that is stored in new digital networks.

While initiatives such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) establish a number of privacy and security rules to protect patients and their information, there is still fear over what new channels hackers can develop to access private databases.

At CNSI, ensuring the privacy and security of the health data our systems interact with is top of mind. Our ability to provide a robust mobile data management framework, for example, requires that we are forward thinking in what will be needed to maintain safe and secure networks.

The myHealthButton app, which provides convenient access to an individual’s health data and available health resources, is but one example of this ongoing need. CNSI President Adnan Ahmed recently noted that, “as such, we’ve been exploring several different initiatives around privacy and security while also being careful to not unnecessarily hinder our appetite for the latest information.”

As more and more data is entered into the cloud and with mobile platforms revolutionizing the way we interact with our health care needs, data security will remain one of the industry’s highest priorities.

Utilizing a “forward thinking” mind frame, CNSI is dedicated to ensuring that we are delivering the highest quality solutions that safeguard private information.

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