CNSI Joins HMA for Medicaid Managed Care Webinar on MC-Track®

May 31, 2016

Categories: Thought Leadership


The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) recent release of the proposed Medicaid and CHIP Managed Care Final Rule is a direct response to the huge, unregulated growth of Managed Care programs in recent years – approximately 80% of Medicaid enrollees are now served through managed care delivery systems. The first major update to Medicaid and CHIP managed care regulations in more than a decade, the Final Rule aligns key Managed Care rules with those of other health insurance coverage programs, modernizes how States purchase managed care for beneficiaries, and strengthens the consumer experience and key consumer protections.

Many States have expressed concerns about the impact the new rule will have on their already overstretched resources and budgets, not to mention the challenge of adhering to the new standards to gain incentives and avoid financial penalties.

In collaboration with Health Management Associates, CNSI is offering MC-Track® as the go-to resource for Managed Care stakeholders to help them adapt to the heightened compliance standards and the required performance measurement of delivery systems. 

Earlier this year, CNSI was invited by Health Management Associates to lead a webinar showcasing how our MC-Track® tool makes compliance to the new Final Medicaid Managed Care Rule easy and performance measurement of delivery systems more intuitive – MC-Track® delivers a flexible, scalable and robust platform which enables compliance, collaboration and continuous improvement of managed care delivery systems.

The webinar entitled Implementing the Final Managed Care Rules: How to Drive Compliance and Delivery System Performance for States and Plans was held on May 24th with over 700 industry professionals in attendance. The engaged response highlighted the demand for and relevance of our innovative tool.

The HMA-CNSI Webinar succinctly outlined the changes to Managed Care regulations and demonstrated the most effective way States and MCOs can adapt to this changing climate. CNSI’s Chief Health Innovation Officer, Arvinder Singh provided an extensive dive into the capabilities of MC-Track® and Health Management Associates articulated how the automated oversight provided by the tool reduces the burden on staff and keeps Managed Care Organizations at “performance ready” status.

CNSI is currently implementing MC-Track® in the State of Washington and looks forward to helping other States and Managed Care Organizations streamline the transition to compliance under the new Managed Care Final Rule.

What do you think about the Medicaid and Chip Managed Care Final Rule? How is your organization adapting to the new mandates? Let us know by finding us on Twitter @CNSICorp