Veterans’ Day: A Thank You for Service, Values and Expertise

November 11, 2016

Categories: Thought Leadership


Today, the nation commemorates Veterans Day, a time in which we honor our Military Veterans for their dedicated service. We here at CNSI recognize the sacrifices our Veterans have made so that we can live in freedom, and we are proud to have Veterans as a part of our CNSI family.

In honor of this day we are introducing you to one of the newest members of the CNSI team – Sergeant Zachary Barclift. Zach is a Systems Support Analyst for the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Market Place Electronic Data Interchange (MPEDI). Prior to joining CNSI, he served as a Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps from 2008 through 2015. He joined the military when he saw an opportunity to serve his country after learning about the conflict in Afghanistan. 

For eight years Zach managed expeditionary logistics at Camp Lejeune, 29 Palms, Camp Pendleton and served two tours in Helman Province, Afghanistan. During his tenure with the Marine Corps, Zach gained invaluable experiences that helped prepare him for his professional career at CNSI. Motivation, determination, the drive to succeed, the ability to work alongside multi-disciplinary teams to successfully achieve a mission—these are the qualities Zach brings to CNSI. And who brought Zach to CNSI? NS2 Serves, an organization that provides valuable IT training and employment assistance at no cost to veterans.

We are honored to have Zach on our team, not just for his technical expertise but to serve as CNSI’s Military Veterans’ Ambassador. As Ambassador, Zach represents the company at local veteran events and participates in the company’s Military Affinity Group made up of CNSI veterans in which they discuss areas for personal and professional growth. Zach, along with several other Veteran staff members, bring with them both their professional skills as well as the values of the military—loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity and personal courage—which supports our strong corporate culture. 

So to those who have served, we take today to thank you for serving our country and defending our freedoms. It is through their persistence, perseverance and passion that we owe our way of life. We are very blessed to have you part of our team! 

Are you a Military Veteran looking to build a career with CNSI? Check out our website at and contact us at Happy Veterans Day and God Bless America.