Turkey with a Side of Health IT

November 25, 2015

Categories: Thought Leadership


Happy Thanksgiving followers!

At CNSI, our passion for health care means we’ll still be thinking about it when we sit down for Thanksgiving dinner. Not health care as in “skip the extra serving of mashed potatoes.”  We’re still human after all; we mean the business of health care, specifically heath IT. 

Chances are, if you live and breathe health care like we do, then it’s bound to come up around the dinner table. So what are the hot topics in health care IT these days? If you follow the blog closely, then you are probably familiar with quite a few of them. But in case you need to refresh your memory or want to arm yourself with strong arguments then we recommend heading over to Health IT Analytics.

Contributor Jennifer Bresnick wrote an informative yet tongue-in-cheek guide to surviving the family argument over health care IT’s most controversial topic: electronic health records (EHRs). You will quickly be brought up to speed on the pros and cons of industry catch phrases such as “Stage 3 Meaningful Use” and “value-based reimbursement.” Your crazy uncle Jeff will have no choice but bow to your superior knowledge when you remind him that Stage 3 will be optional in 2017 but required in 2018.

We won’t blame you if you prefer to avoid the debate and curl up on the couch for some football and a nap, but hope you can still learn from Jennifer before the tryptophan takes over. The implementation of EHRs is one of the key steps for the modernization of health care. But the process and standards for putting them in place are far from settled. Whether you’re an industry stakeholder or a health care consumer, this discussion will have bearing on your life, and probably sooner rather than later.

After you’ve read the piece, let us know where you come down on the EHR argument by finding us on Twitter @CNSICorp