The Gratefulness of Today

November 22, 2017

Categories: Thought Leadership


In the world of Health IT, it is easy to get caught up in all the work that has to be done (example: interoperability) or all the things that can go wrong (example: security breaches) or even growing health concerns (example: the opioid epidemic). However, as we all prepare for tomorrow’s celebration, it is also easy to look around us and recognize all that we have to be thankful for. Here is our short list…

     * The impact Health IT has on real lives

     * The innovative future of digital health 

     * The savings of cloud-based, modular systems

But really at the top of our thankful list is our amazing employees. Each day they bring persistence, perseverance, and passion to their work—which defines our culture and the solutions we provide to our clients. Without them, we wouldn’t have any of the above.

So let us not mull over the challenges of tomorrow. Let us take this time to relish the gratefulness of today. From the CNSI family to yours, we wish you a blessed and Happy Thanksgiving.