Supporting Our Communities: Water for Flint

As we’ve grown through the years, we’ve expanded, focused and formalized our volunteer and philanthropy efforts. Earlier this year, we announced the launch of iCare, the umbrella program under which all of our corporate social responsibility activities would be housed.  While the name iCare might be new, the values that guide us are not. They have been with us from the founding of CNSI. One of the values we hold most dear is a dedication to supporting the communities where we live and work, especially when they are most vulnerable.

Sadly, one of those communities is now in considerable danger. The lead levels in the public water supply in Flint, Michigan – a state where CNSI has had a strong presence for many years – are at an unsafe level. Forced to depend on imported bottled water for their daily needs, the people of Flint have been at the mercy of water shipments for weeks.

In keeping with our company values, CNSI is proud to have contributed to the relief efforts. Over the course of the last two weeks, CNSI has donated 77,400 bottles of water to the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan, which is serving as the distribution hub for all water relief efforts. 

But the job is far from finished. The average person – between bathing, drinking, cooking and doing dishes – uses 200 bottles of water every day. That means, without any rationing, Flint’s population of 100,000 would go through 20 million bottles per day. The scope of the challenge is almost unfathomable. Clearly, the people of Flint will continue to be enormously dependent on the generosity of strangers for some time to come.

We encourage you to join CNSI and the thousands of other people and organizations that have made donations. To learn more about the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan and make a donation of your own, please click here.