NHIT Week: Cyber Security – A Shared Responsibility

October 3, 2017

Categories: Thought Leadership


Ransomware Healthcare Cyber SecurityWelcome to Day Two of National Health IT Week. If you’re tracking the agenda, you will notice there is a lot of focus on healthcare and cyber security. It may be because October is also National Cyber Security Awareness Month, but it is probably more likely a main area of focus since health care information systems are quickly becoming the number one target for cyber criminals—as predicted by many professionals in the field.

Another solid prediction you can bet on is that health care cyber security is a shared responsibility—one that all parties must take a vested interest in. Providers, payers, patients and staff all have a role to play in keeping health information safe and protected. Today’s webinar, “Ransomware’s Attack on Healthcare” is the first of many discussions around that shared responsibility. We will be listening in on John Valutkevich of Commvault Systems, Inc. at 1 pm EST today to hear their approach to ransomware including: 

* Components of an effective information security program.
* Technology Best Practices for Protecting Data
* Effective Backup Strategies
* Educating Your Users to Secure the Endpoint

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