Medicaid. Transformed (via Andy Slavitt).

Medicaid beneficiaries represent the nation’s most in-need patient group. They also represent a demographic that could benefit the most from health IT innovation. That is why Andy Slavitt, former administrator for The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) has created a two-year initiative, The Medicaid Transformation Project. At its core, the goal of this  effort is to identify, create, and spread access to creative solutions that will improve the health of underserved individuals and save providers money.

Slavitt will lead a group of seventeen major health systems dedicated to targeting four key areas: behavioral health, substance use disorder, women and infant care and avoidable emergency department visits. “The current healthcare system fails the people who need it most,” Slavitt said in a press release announcing the project’s launch. “Our work will be to deepen and refine the best innovations and then implement them at an accelerated pace at providers across the country.”

To start, the project will assemble core groups at each hospital who will be tasked with identifying and sharing best practices across the seventeen systems. Although our work here at CNSI focuses on payors and providers, we are excited that the Medicaid Transformation Project is taking things on from the care side. Hopefully, together, we’ll make meaningful advances in health outcomes for the Medicaid population.

For a complete download on how the project will operate and measure success, check out this additional write-up from Healthcare Informatics.

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