Market Outlook: 2020 Power Breakfast Brings Powerful Insights

November 22, 2019

Categories: Thought Leadership


Recently, CNSI chief executive officer Todd Stottlemyer joined other health IT executives for a Market Outlook: 2020 Power Breakfast in Tysons Corner, Virginia. At the breakfast, Todd spoke on the power of IT-enabled health care. He also identified six key trends health IT executives should be aware of—and poised to capitalize on—in 2020. Read for a recap of Todd’s insights.

Modular solutions: Modular solutions are a trend that started 3-4 years ago and will progress into the future. Expect a renewed focus on modular solutions that integrate well with other components.

Interoperable solutions: With modularity comes interoperability – the ability for systems to exchange information. Expect to see more open APIs and similar ways to help information flow between systems.

Configurable solutions: Healthcare IT solutions need to be highly configurable, reducing the amount of customization. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) is highly focused on systems that are scalable and adaptable to allow for future policy and regulatory changes.

Empowering consumers: Putting more actionable information into the hands of consumers will enable them to make more informed and better decisions about their health, their health providers, and their choice of health plans.

Data analytics: If data is not actionable, it’s not relevant. There is plenty of data out there – claims, clinical, public health, provider, outcomes, and social determinants. The key is how you transform the data into actionable information so you can realize better individual and population health outcomes and reduce healthcare costs.

Security: As malevolent forces elevating their sophistication on data hacking, security measures must also elevate. Businesses and agencies must be consistently evaluating and improving their data protection on both a personal and broader level.

According to Todd, it’s an exciting time to be in healthcare IT. “We are still in the top of the first inning from a disruption standpoint.”