Earth Month: For the Planet, for Public Health

April 13, 2018

Categories: Thought Leadership

First there was “Earth Day”, which turned into “Earth Week,” which then became “Earth Month”. With focus on sustainability, the popular phrase now is “Make every day Earth Day.” That is exactly what we intend to do here at CNSI.
Our environmental best practices started back at the inception of our formalized Corporate Social Responsibility program, iCare. Since then, the company has worked hard to live out our commitment in tangible ways, including giving preference to vendors with sustainable products and practices, reducing office fossil fuel consumption, and eliminating wasteful habits like the use of paper cups. As a result, our corporate headquarters was given the distinct honor of Montgomery County’s Green Business Certification (see our shout-out here).
But environmental stewardship isn’t just about one badge or one day. That is why we are taking the month of April to tell our employees about the different ways they can engage in Earth Month. From weekly reminders on reducing plastic consumption to providing a seminar on recycling tips to hosting an e-cycling event to sharing links to local Earth Day events, CNSI wants to ensure that both as a company and as individuals we each do our part in taking care of our planet, which is really also taking care of ourselves. The Former Administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Gina McCarthy, put it best when she said…
As a health IT firm dedicated to improving the lives and health of Americans, we couldn’t agree more. From our CNSI family to yours, Happy Earth Day/Week/Month/Year!