CNSI Predicts Top Health IT Trends Of 2015

December 30, 2014

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In the last year, the health care industry has seen considerable developments related to interoperability, mobile health tools and big data. But as health care costs rise even higher, 2015 will be an important year to continue the focus on new tools and solutions that facilitate these interoperable systems and promote patient connectivity.There has been a significantly increased acceptance of cloud based information, but at the same time, there is still a need to make sure the technology is intuitive, customizable and most importantly, secure. And in order to keep up with the curve, organizations will have to adapt to the rapidly changing world of health IT.

CNSI has outlined the top health IT trends for these organizations to watch for in 2015:

  • The Apple Effect: Health technology will move beyond focusing on accuracy and functionality to incorporate more intuitive design and processes aimed at making digital tools more responsive to emotional needs. In short: more human.Bigger, Better Data: Big Data, in combination with powerful computing technology, will increasingly be used to make evidence-based predictions about individual and population health (e.g. management of chronic diseases and the life-long prediction and prevention of illness)
  • One Size Won’t Fit All: Health technologies will be less effective if they are not optimized to account for differences in age, ethnicity, culture and more. An emerging trend will be the development of unique and effective digital health tools to incorporate a wider range of demographics.
  • Less Risk, More Reward: Inspired by federal legislation and a deeper understanding of behavioral science, insurers, corporations, health providers and others will apply analytics to encourage people to adopt and sustain healthy behaviors by offering them tangible rewards as incentives.
  • It Takes a Village: A range of Web, social and mobile tools will help patients collaborate on things like navigating the new health insurance landscape, selecting providers, assisting in their own care and providing emotional support.

Security, Security, Security: The emergence of “Big Data” and “Data Analytics” will increase the focus on data and network security, especially in light of highly publicized retail cyber-attacks.CNSI is already establishing products and solutions to facilitate some of these changes. CNSI’s cloud-based solutions have proven successful following the launch of the interstate partnership between Michigan and Illinois to develop a new shared Medicaid Management Information Systems on the cloud that will increase efficiency and reduce costs.

In addition, the myHealthButton mobile application is providing health care providers and patients convenient access to an individual’s health data and other available health resources.CNSI Is committed and proud to help our clients keep up with this ever-changing landscape as we move into a more digital health care space. As these trends continue to develop and shift over time, it will be even more important to work other states and organizations to promote a more advanced health care system.What health IT trends do you think we will see in 2015?

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