#BeBoldforChange: International Women’s Day and Always

If you’re anywhere on social media or if you’re seeing a lot of red fashion, you’ll quickly learn that today is International Women’s Day (IWD). The earliest celebrations occurred all the way back in 1909 and have since spread to hundreds of countries around the globe. In the United States, that mantle has been taken up by a campaign headed by Ernst and Young. This year’s theme? #BeBoldForChange.

And nowhere is “Being Bold for Change” more important than the technology space. According to the National Center for Women & Information Technology, women account for 57 percent of the professional occupations in the US, but only 25 percent of professional computing occupations. With tech jobs growing at a precipitous rate—more than 1.1 million expected to open by 2024—the industry is at a tipping point; accept the status quo or #BeBoldForChange.

At CNSI, we choose bold.

As part of our iCare corporate social responsibility program, we have made a strong commitment to equality in the workplace. Our established partnership with Women in Technology allowed us to connect, attract, hire and retain talented individuals who contribute to the overall health and diversity of our workforce. We’re also looking to the future by sponsoring Girls in Technology and Women in Technology career fairs.

If you feel inspired by International Women’s Day, visit the “Take Action” section of the site. There are plenty of ways for all of us to contribute to equality, in and out of the workplace. Today and always, #BeBoldForChange!