CNSI Powers Medicaid Systems in Three States, Accelerates Claims Processing, and Improves System Performance 4x

CNSI has developed a strong presence in the healthcare sector as a leader in developing, implementing, and operating leading-edge technology solutions that modernize healthcare administration systems. It was the first company to implement a web-centric Medicaid management information system (MMIS), and continues to lead the way in addressing the many challenges that exist in the healthcare landscape by being the first in the nation to embark on developing an automated real-time and cloud MMIS. The company also delivers mobile applications that provide ready access to health benefits, cloud systems that enable more efficient processing of medical claims, and solutions that can eliminate improper billing and reduce waste, leading to better care, better health, and lower costs.

CNSI selected Oracle solutions for several reasons. First, is the fact that Oracle SuperCluster contains hardware and software designed to work together—optimizing Oracle Database performance dramatically. 

“Oracle SuperCluster enabled us to package our server, storage, and networking all in one. Oracle SPARC T5-2 and Oracle SuperCluster improved the performance and throughput of our Medicaid management information system and gave us headroom to turn on additional capacity. We can accommodate spikes easily and scale with growing claims numbers our customers need to process.” – Jay Majmudar, Senior Vice President, CNSI.

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