CNSI & State Healthcare IT Connect Summit

April 15, 2021

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Reimagining HHS Service Delivery in 2021 & Beyond!

The 2021 State HIT Connect Summit will provide critical insights during this transformative period, enabling public and private sector thought leaders to share ideas and benchmark implementation strategies of State Health IT Systems for 2021 and beyond.

Workshop: Securing Medicaid Data In An Interoperable World

Evolving consumer expectations and business operating models continue to drive innovation in technology. How can state health IT leaders embrace these emerging technologies and cost efficiencies without compromising security?

Panelists: Mike Jin, CIO & CISO, CNSI  Ryan Howells, Managing Partner, Leavitt Partners



Roundtable: Social Determinants – Aligning with the New Administration’s Approach to Technology

The COVID-19 pandemic exposed long-standing inequities in our nation’s health care system.  Addressing these health care disparities by focusing on social determinants of health is one of the Biden Administration’s top health care priorities.  The pandemic also reinforced the critical role providers, communities, and private businesses play in helping state, local, and federal governments in eliminating these disparities. In this session, hear more about the Biden Administration’s priorities around achieving health care equity and understand how  multiple data sources can be used to address health disparities – including the widening digital divide.

Panelists: Verlon Johnson, SVP Corporate Strategy, CNSI  |  Heidi Robbins-Brown, VP, Medicaid Policy & Programs, CNSI  |  Dr. Ryan Bosch, Founder & President, Socially Determined  |  Penny Thompson, Healthcare Advisor, Penny Thompson Consulting


Educational Breakout Session: A Unique Partnership – Medicaid and Corrections

A state department of corrections partnered with a state Medicaid agency to leverage an existing health care claims processing system. This session will share how the initiative works as well as its benefits and results, including enhanced editing and reporting that improved payment accuracy and significant cost savings to the state.

Panelists: Louis McDermott, Deputy Director at Washington State Health Care Authority  |  Cathie Ott, IT Strategic Advisor at State of Washington Health Care Authority  Ronna Cole, Health Services Director, WA Department of Corrections  | Heidi Robbins-Brown, VP, Medicaid Policy & Programs, CNSI